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When I’m not posting reviews about movies, I’ll be posting about random movie and video game stuff here.  You know, like Top 10 lists, and stuff about directors and actors and stuff like that.  I’ll be posting this stuff by date.  So here we go:

1/11/2018-Movies That Were Doomed To Fail

1/4/2018-The Best and Worst Movies of 2017

12/29/2017-The Best Performances of 2017

12/24/2017-The “Surprisingly Not Crap” Movies of 2017

12/23/2017-The Most Disappointing Movies of 2017

9/19/2017-A Look Back: Summer of 2017

9/6/2017-The Purpose of Criticism

6/29/2017-What’s Next? Power Rangers 2

6/27/2017-Movies That NEED a Sequel

6/25/2017-Movies That Didn’t Need A Sequel

10/16/2016-Essential Viewing Part 1

9/20/2016-A Look Back: Summer of 2016

9/13/2016-MCU Vs. DCEU

9/12/2016-Movie Piracy: Don’t Do It

8/30/2016-On The Birth of a Nation 2016

8/20/2016-Movies That Deserved A Sequel

8/17/2016-Box-Office Disasters

8/4/2016-Substandard Sequels

7/28/2016-The Timing of Sequels

7/21/2016-Why I Love Superman

7/14/2016-Foreign Films: Subtitles or Dubbing?

6/25/2016-I Will Not Support Ghostbusters 2016

6/14/2016-Extended Cuts Part Deux

6/11/2016-The Movie-Going Experience

 5/19/2016-Doom? Doom. DOOOOOOM!

4/28/2016-Unnecessary Sequels and Re-Makes

4/12/2016-Low Budget vs. Large Budge Film-Making

4/5/2016-Why I Love Star Wars, Even the Bad Ones

2/13/2016-On Remakes and Reboots

1/7/2016-Best Songs Used In Movies

8/25/15-Best and Worst Movie Endings

6/30/2015-Proper Marketing

6/2/2015-Best Movie Soundtracks

5/13/2015-Superhero Film Fatigue?

5/12/2015-Disappointing Movies From Marvel and DC

5/9/2015-Wolverine 3 To Be Jackman’s Last X-Men

4/2/2015-Extended Cuts, Directors Cuts, Oh My!

3/13/2015-Best Movie Trailers

2/18/2015-New Alien Film Confirmed -Updated 2/24/2015

2/11/2015-Potential New Alien Film?

1/13/2015-Best Sequels Ever Made

1/25/2015-Experience in Movies and Video Games

2/4/2015-Worst Sequels Ever Made

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